The project

Rivers as highways, rivers for food: the role of waterways in the Bantu expansions towards the eastern Congo Basin.

On the road

Forest fishing in Northeastern DR Congo: anthropological research on comparative technologies

The Major Linguistic Fieldwork Campaign of the BANTURIVERS project, 2021-2022: 50 Bantu, 1 Ubangi and 3 Central-Sudanic language varieties covered

The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic: Its Impact on Fieldwork and the People of the DRCongo

When a pandemic puts fieldwork to an end and demands repatriation.

Contact between Mokpá and neighboring languages at the terminus ad quem of the Lualaba and a quo of the Congo River at Kisangani

First linguistic fieldwork, in the region south of Kisangani, for David's doctoral research.


International Conference, Kisangani (ULB – UNIKIS): Social spaces, languages, and material culture in the history of the northern Congo Basin ~ POSTPONED! New dates: June 17th – 21st, 2024

“Extracting the Past from the Present”: International and Interdisciplinary Conference on African Precolonial History (March 1st-5th, 2021)


Underwater Architecture : Scoop Fishing (kopepa) and the Psychology of Fish

Techniques of the River. Moments from field work in Tshopo Province, DR Congo

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Presentations @ international conferences, 2021

BANTURIVERS paper @ ICHL24: a comparison of previous Bantu classifications plus the river hypothesis