Presentations @ international conferences, 2021

2021 was a very busy conference year for the BANTURIVERS team. Not only did we organize an international conference ourselves (read more here), we also participated in many other meetings with linguistic (Bantu 8, WOCAL 10) and multidisciplinary topics (“Extracting the Past from the Present”, SAfA).

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, all conferences were online. No conference pictures here, only research results. In the following presentations, you can watch our progress in the classification of the Bantu languages of the northeastern DRCongo, in the study of language contact in the Ubundu Territory, and the analysis of ethnohistories:

Ricquier, Takamura, Grollemund, Kopa wa Kopa, Kutsch Lojenga & Livingstone Smith. Rivers as Highways: Confronting oral history, language phylogenies and historical maps in the Eastern Congo Rainforest. Paper presented at Extracting the Past from the Present: International and Interdisciplinary Conference on African Precolonial History. .

Ricquier, Grollemund, Kopa wa Kopa, Kutsch Lojenga & Abuka. 2021. A New Phylogenetic Classification of the Lega and Luba Subgroups. Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Bantu Languages. / . 

Ricquier, Grollemund, Kopa Wa Kopa, Mombaya Liwila & Ngbanga Bandombele 2021. A New Phylogenetic Classification for the Upper Congo Languages (C50, D11, D12). Paper presented at the 10th World Congress of African Linguistics.  .

Kopa wa Kopa & Ricquier. 2021. Distribution des labiovélaires dans les langues mokpá, ɛnyá, metóko et d’autres langues avoisinantes du Bas Lualaba: Essai d’une analyse historique. Paper presented at the 10th World Congress of African Linguistics. .

Ricquier, Cornelissen, Joiris, Kopa wa Kopa, Livingstone-Smith, Nieblas Ramirez & Takamura. 2021. Networking at the riverbanks: multidisciplinary reflections on past and present cultural exchanges in the eastern Congo Basin. Paper presented at the SAfA 2021 - Society of Africanist Archaeologists (SAfA) 25th Biennial Meeting. .

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